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New Look and Feel for iOs 7

New Swipy is now ready for iOs 7

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New iPad Version

Now write more in a bigger screen with the new version for iPad

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Quick Share just with one tap

From the main screen type your note and swipe right or choose actions button to save your note in your email,in Dropbox,in Evernote or post it to Facebook and Twitter just with One single tap.



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Synch your notes with iCloud

Keep your notes sync between your iOs devices.

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Dynamic Text

Resize Text site from the settings of your iPhone

Link Modes

Can make addresses,links,event and phone numbers tappable

Search edit reminder

You can search in your saved list of your notes,Edit a note or create Reminder in the default reminder app.


More sharing options and AirDrop support

From your note list you can use "Open in" to export your note to other apps which can read txt files or send it to other device that supports AirDrop.


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